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No matter how well you care for your teeth, they will weaken as you age. It is simply a process of wearing out over time. However, they are still durable enough to function for an entire lifetime if we continue to care for them. Although tasks such as brushing and flossing become harder with age, there are tools and techniques that can be used to make it easier.

If you have dentures, they too must be cared for. Listed below are some common questions and suggestions to help you keep your teeth in great condition as you age:

As you age, what are some of the habits that can keep your teeth healthy?
– To increase the longevity of your smile, always brush twice per day using soft bristles, and floss at least once daily. Maintain a healthy and safe diet to ensure various foods don’t destroy your mouth.

What techniques should always be used when caring for dentures?
– Always remove your dentures before taking naps, and after every meal for cleaning. Before inserting a pair of dentures back in your mouth, make sure that your mouth is clean and that your dentures are washed with water if they have been soaked in a denture cleanser.

TRUE or FALSE: Medications can cause cavities.
– This is true. Medications can often bring about dry mouth symptoms, which are common sources of cavities as we age.

Which bad habits need to stop?
– If possible, you should stop all bad habits, hence the word bad. However, some are worse than others. If you smoke or chew tobacco, or excessively drink alcohol, no matter what age you are, you should find alternative habits as they increase your risk for tooth decay, gum disease, cancer, and even death.

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