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A large amount of research has found that several sources of fluoride in your daily life as well as part of your oral hygiene regimen can strengthen tooth enamel.

Fluoride is a naturally occurring substance that can often be found dissolved in solution, in many natural water sources. Most people with well water do not have fluoride in solution in significant amounts. Some municipalities across the country add fluoride to the public drinking water. Many toothpastes also come with added fluoride in them.

The enamel of your teeth is made up of a mineral crystalline structure. Certain acidic foods and the processes of natural bacteria in the mouth can reduce the mineral strength of tooth enamel. This process is called demineralization.

Adding modest amounts of fluoride through water sources and fluoride toothpaste can help reinforce these mineral substances. This process is called remineralization.

Each day the enamel on your teeth goes through this process on a microscopic level. If the process of remineralization is a net gain, then your teeth become stronger. The stronger the enamel of your teeth is the less likely you are to develop cavities and other issues associated with tooth decay.

If you have well water, you might want to investigate ways to add fluoride into your life, either through prescription tablets, gels or foams. Your dentist can also provide you with an in-office fluoride treatment.

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