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Between scheduling and going to them, regular dental appointments can be a bit burdensome. Despite that, it’s important to your oral health that you do attend your twice-yearly appointments with your dentist because not only are your teeth cleaned during these checkups but also your overall health is evaluated.

Your dentist, Dr. Jun H Chung can notice many problems with your oral health before they are allowed to develop. There are some threats to your oral care, such as gum disease, that may show no initial signs or symptoms. This is why keeping up with twice yearly appointments is so vital to your health. In addition to the mouth, your doctor will also inspect your face, head, neck, and throat to check for any issues.

Once your health evaluation is completed, your cleaning will begin. Specialized tools will be used by Dr. Jun H Chung in order to clean off any plaque and tartar lingering on your teeth and gums. Once that’s squared away, you will be informed of any changes you should make regarding your oral health routines. If any problem areas were noticed during your visit, you’ll be advised on further treatments for them.

Those who typically neglect brushing and flossing find going to the dentist is a great motivator in improving their oral care routines. This is why bi-yearly visits are great for those who typically neglect their teeth because they are otherwise at higher risk for tooth decay.

Be sure to schedule your regular appointments with Dr. Jun H Chung. If you need to schedule your dental cleaning in Leesburg, Virginia please call Lansdowne Dental Arts today by dialing 703-858-5990.