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You can’t always plan when you’ll need dental care. An accident, infection, or broken dentures, braces, or crowns may require immediate care. If you live in Leesburg, Virginia, or the surrounding area and need immediate dental attention, contact Lansdowne Dental Arts. Dr. Jun H. Chung makes time for same-day and weekend appointments to accommodate emergencies. Call the office or use the online booking agent when you need emergency dental care.

Emergency Dentistry Q & A

What constitutes a dental emergency?

Sometimes an emergency situation is obvious, like when a sports injury, fall, or accident knocks out a tooth. If you have severe pain, swelling, or bleeding, emergency care is likely necessary. Sometimes, you have an item lodged between your teeth or in your mouth that also requires Dr. Chung’s immediate attention.

Minor chips and tiny fractures often may wait for the next available appointment, but it’s best to call the office to consult the staff as to whether you should come in immediately. If there is space in the schedule, the team does its best to accommodate you.

How do I care for a knocked-out tooth?

Call the office to see the dentist as soon as possible or to talk to the on-call support line. They can direct you elsewhere if Lansdowne Dental Arts is closed. In the meantime, brush off any debris from the tooth but keep the root intact. Handle it as little as possible; instead, try to hold the tooth back in the socket or rest it between your cheek and gums. You may also hold it in a cup of milk until you can get to the office.

How should I care for pain or fractures while waiting for the dentist?

If you have a cracked tooth or a toothache, rinse your mouth with warm water. Use cold compresses or ice packs to relieve swelling and numb the pain. If you have an object stuck between your teeth, try to loosen it using dental floss. If you’re bleeding due to soft tissue trauma, such as a bitten tongue or inside of the cheek, also rinse the area with warm water to clean it and then use a cold compress to tame the swelling.

Always call the office if you have an immediate dental concern. The staff can advise you whether it can wait or if you should come in as soon as possible. They can also offer suggestions in addressing the problem until you can get care.

If you have a dental emergency, call or check online for a same-day or Saturday appointment with Dr. Chung at Lansdowne Dental Arts.