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Dentures replace missing teeth, from a single tooth to a whole row. At Lansdowne Dental Arts, Dr. Jun H. Chung offers several types of dentures, including those supported by implants, to improve your appearance and smile. If you live in Leesburg, Virginia, or the surrounding area, call the office or use the online booking agent to learn what types of dentures fit your dental needs, health, and goals.

Dentures Q & A

What types of dentures are available?

Dentures consist of a flesh-colored base with a false tooth, or teeth, that affixes to your gums. Dentures are custom made to fit your mouth, so they look and feel as natural as possible. You may choose from a variety of dentures, including:

  • Conventional full dentures, which you use only when all the affected teeth are removed, and your gum tissue has healed
  • Immediate full dentures, which are inserted right away
  • Partial denture, to replace one missing tooth or several teeth, but not an entire row

The obvious advantage to immediate full dentures is that you never have to go without teeth. But their fit is less precise so the dentures must be relined often after insertion. Conventional dentures are ideal, but healing time once you’ve had teeth removed can take several months — a long time to go without those teeth. Immediate dentures can be worn while you wait to be fitted for conventional dentures.

What are implant-supported dentures?

Implant-supported dentures adhere to special attachments that rest on implants, which are drilled into your jawbone. You must have sufficient bone in your jaw to support the implant procedure to be eligible for implant-supported dentures. You might choose implant-supported dentures to get a more natural feel and better stability when chewing and speaking.

Traditional dentures rest on the gums and do not hook onto implants. This means they tend to slip more and feel less natural. Implant-supported dentures are still removed for cleaning and sleeping.

Is it difficult to become accustomed to dentures?

At Lansdowne Dental Arts, the team works hard to ensure a good denture fit so you can adapt to it easily. The denture may feel awkward, especially when eating and speaking.

Experiences vary, but it can take several weeks — or months — to get used to their feel. It’s not unusual to have excessive saliva flow, pressure on the tongue, slippage, and irritation or soreness.

If you think you might need dentures, consult Dr. Chung at Lansdowne Dental Arts to explore all your options. Call the office for an appointment or book online.