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Did you know that your teeth can be damaged by habits you may have? Not only could they lead to a cracked tooth, but some could even harm your jaw. But you are not alone—at some point in our lives, we have likely all been guilty of doing at least one of these. These are a few habits you may have and ways you can break them.

-Frequent snacking: Eating sugary foods or drinks consistently may cause you to have cavities. Instead you could eat balanced meals throughout the day to help keep you full. If you do eat a sugary treat, drinking water can help rinse out any food particles.
-Brushing too hard: This habit can harm your teeth by wearing the enamel away and can aggravate your gums. You can try using a soft toothbrush.
-Grinding and clenching: These two habits can lead to a chipped tooth and may be responsible for joint pain or muscle tenderness in your jaw. Relaxation exercises may be able to help you. Many times, recognizing the habit can help you break it during the day. At night, you might consider using a mouth guard.
-Chewing on ice cubes: A tooth or a filling could break due to this popular habit. To avoid the temptation, you can use a straw or drink chilled beverages without ice.
-Biting your nails: You might chip your teeth if you bite your nails and frequently bringing your lower forward in such a manner can cause injury. To quit, you could use a bitter-tasting nail polish, reduce your stress level or keep your hands busy.
-Using your teeth as tools: You significantly elevate your chances of cracking a tooth or hurting your jaw with this habit. Instead, find the right tool or ask someone for help.

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