Despite good brushing habits, cavities can still form. The problem is that brushing and flossing can remove food and plaque, but only from the smooth surfaces of teeth. This is particularly troublesome for the chewing surfaces, where deep grooves and depressions trap harmful materials that cause tooth decay. In these situations, Dr. Jun H Chung can apply a sealant to the tooth, which will smooth out the biting surfaces and stop food from getting trapped. We are happy to offer sealants for all of our patients at Lansdowne Dental Arts.

A sealant is a thin layer of plastic that is typically applied to the chewing surface of teeth, filling in the deep groves of the teeth. Dr. Jun H Chung will do this in order to protect teeth and create an easy-to-clean surface. After properly preparing the tooth to be sealed, our dentist will carefully paint the sealant material onto the surface of the tooth and then use a curing light to harden the material. Typically, sealing are done after young children get their permanent teeth, because their teeth are more susceptible to tooth decay, but Lansdowne Dental Arts makes this procedure available to anyone wanting dental sealants in Leesburg, Virginia.

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