Despite our best efforts to protect our patients’ smiles, sometimes Dr. Jun H Chung needs to perform more involved care plans. When a tooth has been damaged by trauma, compromised by decay, or an infection has developed in the root of the tooth, our dentist may need to perform a root canal. This sort of care plan is necessary to save the tooth since the pulp of the tooth is no longer healthy. Root canals are the best option in these scenarios since it prevents the tooth from being extracted, which can cause bone loss and problems with neighboring teeth.

When a patient comes to Lansdowne Dental Arts for a root canal, our excellent staff will do everything they can to make sure the patient is at ease. We understand the stigma that comes with this kind of procedure, but because of the great skill of our dentist, a root canal at our office will be similar to getting a filling. During the procedure, the pulp of the tooth, the nerves, and any decay are removed from the inside of the tooth. This space is then replaced with a special dental material that restores the normal function of the tooth. Typically, a root canal treatment is done in two appointments—one to prepare the tooth and a second one to place a permanent crown on the tooth.

Our office is happy to help anyone who thinks they might need a root canal in Leesburg, Virginia. Contact our office today.