Our dentist at Lansdowne Dental Arts will use X-ray technology to get a better look at what is going on in a patient’s mouth. Dental X-rays are pictures of the patient’s teeth, bones, and other parts of the mouth that illuminate any cavities that may be developing, potential problems with teeth growing in, and any other issues that may not be apparent during the initial visual examination. Dental X-rays are an invaluable tool that dentists use when they are deciding on care plans to take care of a smile. In some cases, Dr. Jun H Chung will also use dental X-rays to follow up after dental treatments.

In recent years, dental technology has improved, and Lansdowne Dental Arts can now offer faster and more effective digital dental X-rays. Instead of the film used in traditional X-rays, digital radiography uses a sensor to capture the image. This means that even lower amounts of radiation can be used, while also reducing the wait time since digital X-rays develop almost instantly. The digital X-rays also provide a more detailed portrayal of what is going on inside a patient’s mouth, so Dr. Jun H Chung can better see and address the needs of each individual.

Dr. Jun H Chung and the rest of our team are excited to offer you this new technology. To learn more about digital radiography in Leesburg, Virginia, we invite you to call Lansdowne Dental Arts today.