If a patient has crooked or crowded teeth, Dr. Jun H Chung may recommend ClearCorrect™ in Leesburg, Virginia. ClearCorrect is a brand of clear aligners, which are a series of snug-fitting retainers that are worn over the teeth. These custom-made aligners gently guide your teeth to their ideal positions. Our dentist will supply you with your next set of aligners every four to six weeks so your teeth will continue to move toward their desired positions. Treatment time is usually from 10 to 24 months. This depends on how much the teeth need to be moved. ClearCorrect is usually recommended for patients who have mildly crowded or crooked teeth, or have minor issues with spacing.

ClearCorrect aligners have many advantages. ClearCorrect are nearly invisible, so most people will not realize that you are straightening your teeth. You can smile with confidence. Unlike braces, ClearCorrect aligners are removable, so you can eat your favorite foods. Removable aligners also make it easy for you to brush and floss your teeth. Aligners are made of comfortable plastic instead of metal brackets and wires that can irritate your cheek and mouth.

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