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Protecting your son or daughter’s permanent teeth from cavities is very important for helping them maintain a healthy mouth into adulthood. Unfortunately, sometimes permanent molars and premolars develop deep pits and fissures on the tooth enamel of the biting surface.

Sometimes your child’s best efforts at twice daily brushing prove insufficient for removing plaque, and food residue from the occlusal recesses. If it’s not addressed in a reasonable amount of time, the persistent bacterial deposits could foster a large cavity.

If their regularly scheduled dental checkup at Lansdowne Dental Arts reveals a problem like this, Dr. Jun H Chung might recommend applying dental sealants. Oftentimes, he can do this at the end of their routine dental checkup to ensure the tooth enamel is completely free of any established bacterial deposits.

Once the dental resin has been applied to the occlusal surface of each molar and premolar, our dentist will use a special ultraviolet light to harden the dental sealants. This will secure them onto the biting surface for up to ten full years.

If you live in the Leesburg, Virginia, area and you are interested in preserving the health of your child’s permanent back teeth, you should call 703-858-5990 to schedule a checkup and dental sealants at Lansdowne Dental Arts.