Implant Denture


Do you have problems with your dentures?

  • Painful to wear and eat
  • Unstable and rocking
  • Often dislodges during eating
  • Afraid or embarrassed to smile

We have a solution!

Implant Supported Overdenture is a contemporary restoration that will revolutionize how you use and feel about your dentures.

  • Greater Comfort
  • Increase chewing without dislodging
  • Improve Speech and smile
  • Increase Self-Confidence
  • Better digestion by increased chewing ability
  • Most Affordable full mouth implant teeth replacement
  • Existing dentures can be retrofitted


More about Overdenture

Dr.Chung will insert specialized dental locator implants at strategic points in the jaw to provide solid, fixed anchors.These anchors are used to physically connect the denture appliance to the jaw. Dentures that are secured to the jaw using this type of implant connection are commonly known as 'overdentures'.


  • A cost effective solution. Fewer implants are needed for over dentures compared to some other implant supported restoration methods. Therefore, cost is lowered for full arch restoration.
  • Reduced need for bone grafting.   When a patient is edentulous for a long period of time, the jaw bone gets thinner and shorter which often requires bone grafting. However, with only 4 implants required for overdenture, this problem can be solved without bone grafting. By placing implant at a special angled ensures a secure and stable anchorage for the replaced arch, often making bone grafting unnecessary.
  • Faster treatment and healing time.   Your replacement denture can be attached to your implants immediately after insertion. Alternatively, we may retrofit your existing dentures on to newly placed implant the same day.


Scientifically proven and documented. Implant Supported Overdentures have had good clinical outcomes from decade long studies with favorable results.


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