Cutting edge technology to improve patient experience throughout dental implant treatment

By incorporating below technology at our office

  • 3D scan
  • Cone Beam CT
  • Cerec technology

We are able to perform easy, fast, safe and intuitive implant planning.


Cone Beam CT


3D Oral Scanning


Cerec Milling



equals    implant

                                                                easy, fast, safe implant surgery




Specially designed and milled surgical guide aids accurate positioning of the implant fixture. Because of its high accuracy, gum flapping or sutures are often not needed which greatly improves post operative patient comfort and reduces number of office visits after the surgery is performed. 




Our implant patients are very happy and satisfied with final results mainly due to:



  • Minimal pain during and after surgery

  • Reduced surgery time

  • Crowns and abutments are fabricated and seated in a day or two after bone healing is complete.


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