Welcome to the gallery of Lansdowne Dental Arts, where we showcase the beautiful, healthy smiles of our patients. We love to see their transformations and the confidence it gives them. Dr. Jun H Chung cares for each one of his patients and offers high-quality service that comes from years of experience in the field. If you love the smiles you see and would like to learn more, contact our office today. We would love to hear from you.


severly discolored disproportionate to bright symmetric

broken damaged to health bright

discolor-spotted to uniform natural

unnatural existing crowns to natural blending smile

old dark veneers to bright vibrant smile

discolored worn down to bright young smile

mishaped with spaces to no gap and natural

old discolored to natural and blending

gaps and yellow dark to no gap natural smile

Weakened and severely stained to a healthy bright smile 

chipped worn down teeth to healthy bright smile

old discolored with gaps to bright white fuller smile

discolored reversed smile to natural blending

malformed tooth to natural looking

severly discolored fractured to blending mimicing neighbor


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