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Mouth sores are conditions that can affect your smile for a variety of reasons. Depending on their source, most resolve themselves within a week or two. But occasionally some can linger. This would indicate that something serious may be going on with your oral health.

Many times, oral sores can arise because of infection. They can be viral, bacterial, or fungal in origin. Disease, irritation from dentures that are loose and braces wires being loose can also cause oral lesions. Irritation from broken fillings or teeth can also bring on sores. Let’s take a closer look at the main causes behind your oral lesion.

— If you have a decaying tooth that is abscessed, you may find yourself with a bacterial infection from the nerves of the tooth. You may experience a painful toothache, hot and cold tooth sensitivity, and swollen lymph nodes as a result of this type of oral lesion.

— If you have a white or yellow lesion bordered by a red circle, you may have a canker sore. This non-contagious oral lesion can show up on your tongue, inside cheeks, lips, throat, or around the gumline.

— If you have white spots on your tongue or in the mouth, along with a sore throat and problems swallowing, you likely have a case of candidiasis, also known as thrush.

— If you have a cluster of red blisters around your lips, under the nose or chin, you likely have cold sores. These are also highly contagious.

If you have an oral lesion that has been lingering for more than 10 days, it is time to see your dentist to have it checked out. Our Lansdowne Dental Arts team in Leesburg, Virginia will gladly book an appointment for you with Dr. Jun H Chung. Just call 703-858-5990 today and find the relief you need!