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The American Dental Association recommends having a routine dental exam and cleaning twice each year. This simple appointment will remove all traces of tartar from your mouth as well as monitor the health of your gums and teeth. If Dr. Jun H Chung detects a problem, he will present you with treatment options available at Lansdowne Dental Arts.

There are also preventative measures such as dental sealants or a fluoride treatment that can help you maintain healthy teeth between dental exams.

Dr. Jun H Chung is more likely to recommend a fluoride treatment if he notices signs of weakened tooth enamel or if you’ve had past issues with maintaining good oral hygiene. Exposing your teeth to this strong concentration of dental-grade fluoride will go a long way toward fortifying your tooth enamel against future cavities.

Brushing your teeth with a brand of fluoride toothpaste is also an easy way to increase fluoride exposure. It might also be a good idea to try making alternative choices in the foods and beverages you enjoy.

If you live in the Leesburg, Virginia, area and you have concerns about the health and strength of your teeth, you should call 703-858-5990 to schedule a checkup and fluoride treatment with Dr. Jun H Chung.